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Haiti Mission

SMI Haiti has been building a new mission house in the nearby village of Kamitan, 

and during our trip this year, we were able to tour the new facility and spend a lot of time helping to paint decorative metal window inserts while tasting fresh mangos hanging from trees very close to the mission house.  We were also able to help provide housing for a mother and 4 children by painting and furnishing the inside and outside of one side of a double (only one room with a bed (hand built by our group) and table/chairs).  We attended a prenatal class with about 20 pregnant women and saw the newly hired nurse teach the mothers how to care for themselves and their newborns. We provided our yearly services of taking school pictures at the Guitton Elementary School for over 200 kids!  We also helped SMI with the craft portion of both the Girls’ and Boys’ Clubs meetings. Pastor Alexander’s (Pastor at the Nanwoch church) technical school had their first class of graduates in April and wanted our group to make the trip in April rather than the normal end of February timeframe so we were able to watch the graduation and see the projects the graduates created to show off their talents in tiling, electrical and cooking/baking.  It was a great experience and joy to be part of that celebration!

We look forward to a trip in 2022, but civil, political and safety issues are a concern,

so we pray that all of these concerns are resolved and we are able to once again travel to see our Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.  In the meantime, Living Water sponsors 20 students at the Guitton school on a yearly basis. Other LW members who have participated in past trips also sponsor children which helps to guarantee that these children are getting a solid education and a bright future!

There are always children who do not get sponsored, yet the cost to SMI continues.  Children that are shown on the SMI website ( are still in need of sponsorship which is $35 per month.  These children are given shoes, dress/shirt & pants, school supplies and at least 3 lunches per week during the school year.  The sponsorship fee also pays for the teachers and their supplies.

Until travel to Haiti has been deemed safe according to SMI, the best way to support SMI is to go to their website, find a child/children to sponsor and/or make a general donation to SMI to cover costs from basic necessities of school lunches to completion of the Mission House, Kamitan school, upgrades to the Guitton school or Kamitan medical clinic/education center.

Mesi, Mesi (thank you, thank you) for considering Living Water’s International Haitian Mission as a means to help others.

Kevin & Kim Moore
Haiti Team Leads

We partner with SMI Haiti.
Check out their website at for more information.

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